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Are You Worried About Your Hair?


The ultimate grow back package - based on three concepts:

TRI - 1

DHT Blocking, increasing density, improving circulation

TRI - 2

Prolonging ANAGEN growth phase

TRI - 3

Recovery from shedding, shortening TELOGEN shedding

Your First Step Towards Hair Confidence

Hair loss treatment

DNA swab

Medical consultation

Personalised Treatment

Personalised Hair Loss Treatments

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Analysis & Treatment Pack

Book a remote consultation with our practitioner who will talk you through the whole process and how it works step by step.


After acceptance you will receive your treatment pack which contains:

Hair serum

Dermal roller 

Hair serum applicator


DNA Test

Trichologist near me

Personalised Treatments

On receipt of your DNA results, we will create your personalised hair growth serum which will provide you with the best possible hair growth treatment for you. By analysing your DNA we are able to see what is causing your hair loss, and aim to replenish this into your hair follicles to allow regrowth OR enhance the conditions of the existing hairs.


By applying the serums directly to your scalp, it is absorbed straight into the root and gets to work right where it is needed.

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Clinical Support

Our Clinical support is provided by our consultant prescribing pharmacist, Mr Sunil K. Kochhar.


With 20+ years in the pharmaceutical industry Sunil is extremely experienced in providing health care and wellbeing.

He is also an accredited hair loss trainer to medics and other healthcare professionals.


You are in safe hands as he will provide you with ongoing support throughout your treatment journey.

We Will Help You With...

Thinning of your hair

Common in both men and women when your hair starts to feel generally thinner and more of the scalp can be seen.

Receding hairlines

An early sign of hair loss that needs treating to prevent further recession.

Thinning from the crown

One of the most recognisable signs of male pattern baldness, most common in men.

Alopecia treatment
Alopecia treatment
Alopecia treatment

Why GrowBack Is Unique

Male Pattern Baldness


 Also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, is a lot more common than you think. And it’s not just an old man’s problem. Two thirds of men under the age of 35 will experience it in some form. It can not be cured – but it can be combatted. Starting treatment early will enable you to keep your hair for years to come.

Preventative Action

Our genetics play a large part in whether you will experience hair loss in your life time. Ultimately as you get older your hair will thin or recede. If hair loss runs in your family it is highly likely that you will also experience hair loss at some point.

By analysing your DNA we are able to create personalised treatments to allow you to retain your hair and delay the hair loss process. 

Healthy, Happy Hair

We all like to look and feel our best and our treatments are proven to treat your hair at the roots improving the health and strength of the follicles. Making your hair the envy of all your friends and family. Treating your hair daily is key to long lasting healthy happy hair.

Trichologist near me


Very pleased with the results. So glad I got this done. Would recommend to everyone suffering hair loss.


Finally found a health care professional who listens and gives great advice.


Mr Kochhar gave great advice and practical tips, as well as information on my condition.


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