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Oral Minoxidil 2.5mg Tablets

Oral Minoxidil 2.5mg Tablets

Here at GrowBack we use oral minoxidil at lower doses than those used for blood pressure, as the low dose still stimulates hair growth with lower risk of side effects. This is an off-label treatment, and is used in patients where topical minoxidil has caused damage to the hair, or in patients with fragile hair conditions.

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Formula Information

Oral Minoxidil is a prescription medication that can help you regrow your hair and prevent further thinning. It works by boosting blood flow to the scalp, which nourishes the hair follicles and prolongs the growth phase of the hair cycle.

How Does It Work

Oral Minoxidil works by improving blood circulation to the scalp, which nourishes the hair follicles and extends the growth phase of the hair cycle. Studies have shown that about a third of men taking Minoxidil tablets will experience reduced shedding and another third will experience improved growth by around 6 months of treatment. Men also report that their hair strands are stronger, thicker and deeper coloured when using Minoxidil tablets. So 2 in every 3 men using Minoxidil tablets are likely to see and feel a benefit. We recommend you use Minoxidil tablets for 6 to 12 months to experience full effectiveness.

Possible Side Effects

Oral Minoxidil is generally well tolerated, and most people experience no side effects. It is therefore unlikely that, on the low doses we use to treat hair loss, you will experience any side effects. Any side effects experienced are often mild and will reverse quickly when you stop treatment. In a study of 400+ men, only 0.5% had to stop treatment due to side effects. The main side effects reported by people on higher doses of Minoxidil are: Hypertrichosis (excess hair growth) – specifically, elsewhere on the body than the head. This can be annoying but is not often a strong enough reason to stop treatment. Temporary Shedding – this is very common within the first 6 weeks of treatment with Minoxidil tablets and will stop within 4 weeks of you noticing it. The small plus is that this shedding indicates that the treatment is working. Low Blood Pressure and/or feeling Light-headed – this is far more common with higher doses of Minoxidil (used to treat high blood pressure) but it can be noticeable in men who know they’re sensitive to changes in blood pressure or have a history of fainting/lightheadedness.

How To Use

The dose for treating hair loss is half a tablet (1.25mg) once daily for 2 weeks, then increase to one tablet daily if tolerated. We recommend this slow start to ensure that you and your body can get used to Minoxidil gradually, reducing the chance of side effects. When Will I See Results? It usually takes months or years for you to lose hair, so it can take several weeks to GrowBack. 80% of our patients see results within 3-4 months. In the rare instance, that the results are not as desirable as you want, we can increase the strength or add other active ingredients based on your hair health profile. The best results will come from continued use of your recommended treatments and are seen after 4-6 months. You will need to maintain the treatment for continual growth and reduced hair shedding.

Safety Information

Avoid oral minoxidil treatment? If you are pregnant or trying to conceive If you have a heart condition (e.g. heart failure, angina or a recent heart attack) If you have underlying chronic health issues, especially kidney, heart and liver problems If you have a small vascular tumour of the adrenal medulla, causing irregular secretion of adrenalin and noradrenaline leading to attacks of raised blood pressure, palpitations, and headache. If you suffer porphyria If you have low blood pressure or use other anti-hypertensives If you are allergic to minoxidil Potential side effects of oral minoxidil Fluid retension (causing weight gain and/or ankle swelling) Increased heart rate Pericarditis causing chest pain Pericardial effusion causing shortness of breath Low blood pressure Dizziness or fainting Increased body hair growth Skin rashes Nausea and vomiting Breast tenderness Blood test abnormalities You may notice some increased hair shedding at the start of your treatment and up to 6 weeks of your treatment journey.
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