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Your first step towards hair confidence is to begin with finding out why.

We perform the most complete genetic test for hair loss, analysing both genetic factors and other relevant characteristics.

Hair loss treatment

Are You Worried About Your Hair?

Hair loss treatment

You are unique, and that is why your treatment needs to be unique to you. Once you have enrolled into our treatment and diagnosis pack, we will send you a DNA kit, this will arrive separately. Obtaining a sample of your DNA is very simple! It's done via an oral swab, full instructions are provided with the test. You then post the sample using the pre-paid envelope we provide in to any standard post box. The Results & DNA analysis take a few weeks to come through ... but don't worry, we provide you with an initial base treatment to get you started. In the treatment pack you will receive a derma roller, a scalp applicator and the DNA test kit. Separately our compounding pharmacy will prepare a fresh initial treatment solution which you can start immediately.

Don't worry we hold your hand through the whole journey. Once you order your pack our clinical lead, Mr Sunil K Kochhar will be in touch for a remote consultation to explain how to use the items and go through the next steps of your hair journey.

Once we get your results, Sunil will make contact and explain your report so you fully understand the reasons WHY you are suffering hair loss. With this information, and a medical consultation, he will write a prescription for your very own, unique to you, personalised hair matrix serum*. Our compounding pharmacy will then prepare this for you and deliver it directly to you.

Our aim is to build back your hair confidence.

*please note prices for each formulation varies due to the personalisation (average price is £70/month)

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