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Let's unlock the answers to your hair growth.


Our simple, at-home DNA Hair Loss Test allows us to analyse your hair loss genes and then personalise the optimal treatment for you based on clinical evidence tied to your DNA biomarkers. One time purchase test.


You’ll receive your personalised hair growth topical serum within 30 days of returning your test. Initial month is FREE, and then a monthly fee of £99*/month. *Varies depending on your formulation.


While we analyse your DNA, we will send out an initial base hair growth serum to kick start your hair growth journey. Alongside this, we will send you a month's supply of our hyper-concentrated hair growth supplement, as well as a 2ml hair growth factor based meso-therapy cocktail to enhance your hair growth while you wait for your results.


Once we get your Hair Loss DNA results we then hyper-personalise your treatment plan to get the most optimum hair growth possible for you. Please be aware that your treatment may take up to 4-6 months of regular use to show noticeable results.


Why use a DNA test and personalised hair loss treatment?

  • Eliminate any trial and error
  • Avoid generic, one-size-fits-all approach
  • Save yourself time and money, avoiding ineffective treatments
  • Gain insights to what hair growth treatments can work for you
  • Access to a broader range of effective ingredients
  • Premium support from our Prescriber (Sunil K. Kochhar)
  • Get personalised hair growth treatments optimised for you


We use a genetic test for hair loss that analyses gene variations and lifestyle factors so that personalised hair loss treatments can be accurately recommended.


DNA Test for personalising hair loss treatment.

Personalised Treatment & Analysis Pack

£548.00 Regular Price
£480.00Sale Price
  • Our DNA Hair Loss Test is a personalised genetic analysis that examines gene variations and lifestyle elements to provide tailored recommendations for addressing hair loss, and creating personalised hair growth treatment plans.

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