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Caffeine as a Hair Growth Booster

Everyone is looking for the best hair growth booster. Caffeine is abosrbed through the scalp within minutes, but its absorption really depends on the way its applied.

Shampoos are the most common way caffeine is applied to the scalp. This method is generally a hit or miss as we don't leave enough time for the shampoo to absorb into the hair follicle to get activity. This is why with our patients we add on caffeine as a hair serum, in addition to your personalised serums to improve hair growth outcomes.

Caffeine and hair loss - key facts:

  • Takes 5 minutes to absorb into the hair follicle

  • Improves blood circulation, increasing oxygen to the hair follicle

  • Reduces the sensitivity of the hair follicle to (dihydrotestosterone) DHT

  • Improves hair thickness and reduces hair shedding

  • Requires continual use for at least six months to establish positive results

  • Best results come from using caffeine in a serum or foam

  • Improves ATP production for hair follicle regeneration

  • Increases the Anagen growth phase

  • A great complement to your routine personalised hair serum

Drinking coffee doesn't give the same results.

To get the same results as a caffeine hair serum you would need to drink over 50 cups of coffee! This isn't a healthy method of getting your caffeine for hair growth.


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