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How to Use GrowBack’s Scalp Serum Applicator

Welcome to your go-to guide for using GrowBack’s Scalp Serum Applicator! In this blog, we'll walk you through the steps of using the applicator alongside a video tutorial. Our innovative tool, designed for seamless application of GrowBack’s personalised hair serum, ensures that you get the most out of your hair growth treatment.

Key Benefits

  1. Effortless Application: The applicator’s smooth, retractable aluminium ball-tipped dispensers naturally part hair and hug the scalp to evenly distribute serum closer to the roots.

  2. Optimised for GrowBack’s Serum: Specifically designed to be used with GrowBack’s personalised hair serum, a lightweight, quick-absorbing formula that targets hair loss, hair thinning, early signs of ageing hair, aiming for healthier and stronger-looking hair.

  3. Universal Compatibility: Works well with all hair types and textures, ensuring everyone can benefit from stronger, healthier hair.

GrowBack’s Scalp Serum Applicator features smooth, retractable aluminium ball-tipped dispensers that distribute the serum evenly to the roots while massaging and stimulating the scalp for hair that looks stronger and healthier over time.

How to Use

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Open the Applicator:

  • Begin by opening and removing the top cover of the applicator by pulling off the rubber cap.

  1. Fill the Applicator:

  • Add GrowBack’s personalised hair serum into the filling port using the dropper, then securely close the cover. Range between 1ml - 2ml.

  1. Apply the Serum:

  • Gently press the applicator to your scalp so the teeth retract and begin dispensing the serum. Softly slide the applicator over your scalp to evenly distribute the serum. At areas of concern press the cap like a button to release extra serum at points of concerns.

  1. Use Without Serum:

  • The applicator can also be used as a scalp-massaging tool without the serum, promoting circulation and relaxation.

How Often to Use

For optimal results, use GrowBack’s Scalp Serum Applicator with our personalised hair serum every evening, at least 30 miniutes before going to bed. While the time it takes to see visible improvements varies depending on your hair’s starting condition, positive results are typically seen in as few as four months.

Dosage Recommendation

We recommend dispensing one dose (2 ml) of GrowBack’s personalised hair serum into the applicator to ensure you are applying the daily recommended amount.

Cleaning Instructions

After each use, rinse the applicator with hot water and leave it overnight to dry. This ensures that your applicator remains clean and ready for your next use. The applicator, with good care, lasts around 6 months of daily use. This can vary depending on how it's handled.

By following these instructions, you'll maximise the benefits of GrowBack’s personalised hair serum and enjoy healthier, stronger-looking hair. For a comprehensive guide, please refer to our accompanying video tutorial.

For any further queries or assistance, please contact our customer support team at

Thank you for choosing GrowBack for your hair growth treatment needs.


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