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What is a Personalised Hair Serum?

Personalised treatments are based on what would be the most effective treatment for you, using your DNA to create an individualised hair serum preventing your hair loss.

Not all hair treatments work for everybody. Hair growth success demands on several factors, mainly your genetic profile and lifestyle. Analysing your genetic makeup and looking at the affects of your response to hair growth drugs allows us to create you a personalised hair serum with the greatest success.

Create a hair serum that is better than minoxidil on it's own.

With limited choices for hair loss treatments, personalised treatments open ups a greater choice of more effective treatments for you than just buying standard 'one size fits all' solutions.

1 in 5 patients using minoxidil will not see any benefit or improvement to hair density or quality.

Pharmacgenetics provides us with opportunities to improve your hair growth response to your personalised treatment. The benefits of this approach is precise treatment, maximum outcomes and reduction of potential side effects.

Using a personalised medicine approach moves us away from a one-size fits all to a tailored approach for hair growth and hair confidence.

We empower our patients to understand their hair health and begin their journey towards personalised hair serums

Why use personalised hair serums?

  • Optimum hair growth outcomes and treatment response

  • Precision treatment and prevention

  • Reduce time and money trying to find a treatment that works for you

  • Individual treatment plan based on your DNA

  • Evidence based science

By taking our TrichoTest we can help you bring back your hair confidence.


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