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  • 6-week hair restoration program
  • Contains powerful PTT-6® that stimulates hair growth by activating the hair follicles, and managing signs of inflammation that causes hair shedding
  • Comes with a derma stamp to prep the scalp for maximum results



PTT-6® does not simply add ingredients to your skin and scalp.

It supercharges your own cells, through cell-to-cell messaging, so that they can produce beneficial proteins that your body needs, helping to address numerous skin and hair concerns as well as reducing inflammation.


Active Ingredients

  • PTT-6®, a clinically proven combination of fibronectins, glycoproteins, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, that work synergistically to stimulate skin renewal at the cellular level


Full ingredient list
PTT-6®, Cord Lining Conditioned Media (Stem Cell Derived Fibronectins, Glycoproteins, Albumin, Collagens, Hyaluronic Acid)


PTT-6® Growth Factors Exosomes

PTT-6® harnesses the body's natural mechanisms of regeneration. It contains over 3,000 proteins, including growth factors, cytokines and exosomes that signal cells to regenerate.



Treatment phase

Apply 2 x a week with the derma stamper, utilizing half an ampoule each treatment, and one ampoule each week. One box of ampoules will last 6 weeks

Maintenance phase

Apply 1 x a week with the derma stamper, utilizing half ampoule each treatment and each week. One box of ampoules will last approximately 3 months 

Cycle between the treatment and maintenance phase for optimal results



Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System

£315.00 Regular Price
£280.00Sale Price
    • Optimizes hair follicle function
    • Stimulates hair regrowth
    • Boosts hair density
    • Reduces hair shedding
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