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Our DNA Hair Growth Test is a personalised genetic analysis that examines gene variations and lifestyle elements to provide tailored recommendations for addressing hair loss, and creating personalised hair growth treatment plans.


Today, over 55% of men and women are on the wrong hair loss treatment or a treatment that is NOT optimal for them.


Our DNA Hair Growth Test is the only proven way to know which solutions and treatments will work best for you.


Research has demonstrated and established a strong link between genetic factors and the success of hair loss serum treatments.


By understanding the relationship between your genetic makeup, and how your hair loss responds to treatments, our DNA Hair Growth Test will guide the selection of an effective hair growth treatment.


How does it Work?

A simple swab from the inside of your mouth is used to obtain your DNA sample. This sample is then sent to our advanced laboratories, where experts analyse 48 genetic variations specific to your DNA that is afftecting your hair hair growth.


Within just 21 days, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing how your genetic code and lifestyle factors may contribute to your hair loss. Most importantly, the report offers personalised hair loss treatment recommendations tailored to your genetic needs.


You will also get a one to one consultation with our clinical lead  Sunil K. Kochhar.


Time-Efficient Process

The DNA test is a quick and convenient procedure, taking only 15 minutes for you to complete.


For accurate results, please do not eat two hours before taking your swab to ensure the purity and integrity of your DNA sample.


We use a genetic test for hair loss that analyses gene variations and lifestyle factors so that personalised hair loss treatments can be accurately recommended.


DNA Test for personalising hair loss treatment.

Fagron TrichoTest DNA Hair Analysis

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