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Nourkin Hair Growth+ is a non-surgical, drug-free and natural hair growth supplement that has been clinically validated and backed by 30 years of research. Both men and women can consume it. It nourishes thinning hair while also stimulating current hair growth from within. The enhanced hair confidence furthermore improves patients’ self-image and prevent psychosocial consequences of hair loss.


Key Ingredient

  • Hair Growth Factor
  • Obtained through a proprietary extraction process from fractionated fish extract
  • Has high ratios of specific bioactive proteoglycans
  • Replenishes critical proteoglycans
  • Prevents follicular miniaturisation
  • A component found in our body but it depletes due to ageing, stress and other factors


If your diet is deficient in specific nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, or protein, it can impact the condition and strength of your hair. Nourkin Hair Growth+ nutritional supplements provide essential nutrients and restores your body’s natural proteoglycan to the hair follicle, hence extending the hair growth cycle.

Nourkin Hair Growth+ prolongs the hair growth cycle, delays the hair shedding which is part of the regular hair cycle and quickens the growth of new hair.


Avoid during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Nourkrin® Hair Growth+ inCLINIC 90 Tablets

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